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Mission Statement

Functional Muscle Fitness Inc. is your premier athletic and fitness performance center that focuses on developing and enhancing the lives of all of its members, which range from professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts. FMF’s enthusiastic and educated coaching staff incorporates exercise science into every functional workout program that is individually geared to motivate while helping all FMF members achieve their goals and beyond; whether it is in their athletic career or in everyday life.


FMF currently works with the following programs / organizations:

  • De La Salle High School – Head Strength & Conditioning for all sports
  • Carondelet High School – Head Strength & Conditioning for all sports
  • Team USA Synchronized Swimming – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Walnut Creek Soccer Club – Speed, Coordination & Agility Director
  • Team Haiti Polo – Official Training Center for Strength & Conditioning
  • Northgate High School – Head Strength & Conditioning for all sports
  • Ultimate Fieldhouse – Strength, Speed, Coordination & Agility Director


Present Day FMF

Functional Muscle Fitness is currently the only facility who offers programs and coaching around the clock for a flat monthly rate. FMF doesn’t limit its members to one specific workout time and/or no coaching. All of its members get programming and coaching for one low monthly rate. FMF’s programming is based off of science and case studies with proven results in performance, fat loss, muscle growth and injury prevention. All of their training methodologies are all backed by hours upon hours of research and education.


FMF offers all of its members an original movement assessment to educate the coaching staff on each and every person who walks in the door to train. The movement assessment assesses potential injury areas; muscular imbalances; weaknesses; flexibility issues; and an overall level of fitness and athleticism. By educating themselves on their members FMF coaches are able to reduce injuries while helping all of its members achieve their athletic and fitness goals.


After an assessment FMF coaches place their clients into programs that fit the client’s needs, not the coaches. If clients are interested in Olympic Weightlifting they are placed into the level necessary to teach them proper technique while giving them the flexibility essential to completing the movements. If the clients are out of shape and looking to get back into fitness FMF coaches start them on a developmental level in order to give them the confidence and motivation to get back into shape. If they are an athlete FMF’s PAAS program has a four level system that develops athleticism while reducing injuries. No matter the clients story Functional Muscle Fitness has a program and coach for everyone.


FMF has become an authority in Youth training, Athletic Performance Training and Fitness with no signs of slowing down…



Where it Started?

Coach Mark Wine began his personal training and coaching career in San Diego, CA; it was during his senior year of college while playing football for the San Diego State Aztecs that he decided to leave football to pursue a career in Strength & Conditioning. He invested into a start up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) facility that focused mainly on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and private coaching. Coach Wine, who was used to more traditional training methodologies, discovered that strength under a bar or in a machine doesn’t necessarily equate to performance. This is where the vision and education was born for a more innovative and original style of performance training…


FMF’s First Location

Coach Wine returned to his home town of Concord, CA to continue his career in Functional Training; he decided to remodel his parent’s garage and turn it into a home gym. And so Functional Muscle Fitness began…


Some of the first clientele that FMF trained were:

  • Local high school basketball team – finished 19-1 regular season
  • Collegiate soccer player rehabbing an ACL injury
  • An adult athlete rehabbing an ACL tear
  • Local high school football team – after 12 straight losing seasons they finished 8-2 in season
  • A national and junior national swim team – first big meet after starting with FMF had over 20+ personal best times
  • A few up and coming high school super stars
  • A few adults who liked extreme training, cross-energy training


FMF’s reputation was growing fast and so was Coach Wine’s… when he was invited to the Oakland Raiders training camp in Napa, CA. What was supposed to be a quick weekend trip turned into two seasons working under the direction of legendary Head S&C Coach Brad Roll and assistants Chris DiSanto & Chris Pearson. This was when Coach Wine and Coach Edgar Grajo, who had already been with the Raiders for one year before Coach Wine, started sharing their vision together. Coach Grajo would later become a prominent coach here at FMF.


FMF’s Second Location

With the NFL lockout in full effect Coach Wine had some free time to kill… so he decided to go all in and open up FMF’s very first commercial location. Group classes and team training helped increase FMF’s numbers and word of mouth marketing increased FMF’s clientele tenfold. With the new location FMF picked up a new market, MMA athletes. FMF began housing professional level and amateur level athletes training them in Strength & Conditioning for MMA and BJJ. This new market helped catapult FMF from its first location within 8 months of opening. FMF’s new home would be a building three times the size…


FMF’s Current & Third Location

Functional Muscle Fitness began its third location with a full head of steam. Picking up soccer, baseball, volleyball and other club sports FMF grew in fitness memberships and athletics. The focus of FMF’s training began to adjust as well. With the continued growth FMF began to increase their focus on biomechanics, Olympic weightlifting and Injury Prevention training. FMF’s coaching staff continued to increase their education by working with various sport doctors and athletic trainers. By increasing their knowledge in injury prevention the coaches of FMF were able to increase the number of programs available to all of their athletes and members…


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