Stability Balls – Best Stability Balls On The Market Today


Stability Balls – Looking for the Best Stability Balls out on the market today

Perform Better is your source for the best stability balls and associated equipment such as pumps, and racks and benches. We carry latex-free Gymnic Stability Balls and other great exercise ball products. For information on great training, exercises, and workouts check out our Stability Exercise Ball Training Zone! You’ll find exercise ball training articles and stability ball exercise sheets. Also, don’t forget to visit our Stability Ball Books and Videos department.

Benefits of using stability balls

Increases muscle strength.
Improves proprioception, balance and stability.
Helps develop the core body muscles by forcing the body to respond to the the instability of the ball.
Can be used in place of a chair to help maintain proper posture as it engages the abdominal and back muscles.
Develops strength in all planes of motion (frontal, sagittal, and transverse) which helps improve overall functional strength and decreases the chance of injury.

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