Functional Muscle Fitness New Functional Training Center

May 1st, 2011

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Functional Muscle Fitness New Functional Training Center

Functional training center

Concord, California – August 15, 2011 – A new functional style of training has been created and is now open to the public to increase athletic performance as well as increase fitness levels for all gym goers.

26-year-old Mark Wine created an original method of training that involves Olympic lifting, functional exercises, specific sport movements through body mechanics analysis in each sport, speed and agility training, as well as the most insane hardcore training to push each athlete to their limit.

Functional Muscle Fitness LLC created a group class schedule to ensure that everyone in the greater area can gain access to elite training at a more affordable rate.

Group classes like “Spin and Core,” “PAAS Athletic Training,” “Tactical Training – MMA, Military,” “Fighter Training,” “Boot Camp,” “Get Lean and Fat Loss,” and many many more to ensure that every member becomes the best athlete to his / her abilities.

Mark feels that balancing between a high intensity fast paced functional strength training exercises, and massive power movements is the best to achieve optimal results.

“People always seem to gravitate to machines and other boring gym exercises to achieve results. The problem is created through the ease of the motion and lack of creativity. My goal was to create an old school mentality where everyone who is a member feels like a part of the facility. They work out together, whether it is during classes or during open gym hours. They come in and they always have a workout to choose from so they get the chance to stay motivated to workout, as well as never become bored doing it.”

functional training for sportsMark Wine lives and breathes athletic performance / fitness. He trains with the majority of the classes and knows how to motivate individuals to push their limits. Having the chance to be involved with the Strength and Conditioning staff of the Oakland Raiders, as well as running a high school’s strength and conditioning program for all teams, he has a great grasp on how to push every type of individual and create the most original work outs to achieve superior results.

Since the grand opening in 2010, FMF has since opened up a new functional training center three times the size of there original facility with and upgraded speed and agility fully turfed, and wrestling / martial arts section. With more than 300 full programs  and more on their way, FMF has no signs of slowing down. High school teams, club teams, fitness enthusiasts, fitness competitors, pro athletes, collegiate athletes, MMA athletes, and so many others now call FMF their home.

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