Core Exercises
  • Superman Plank

    EOW: Superman Plank

    • Maintain lodorsis in the spine.
    • Try to get your arms out as far as possible with control.

  • Push Up Plank Transition

    EOW: Push Up Plank Transition

    • Avoid rolling your hips, widen your feet if necessary.
    • Make sure you do each side.

  • Abs Wheel

    EOW: Abs Wheel

    • Maintain a flat back through out the motion.
    • Do not come back so far you disengage your core.

  • Seal Sit-ups

    EOW: Seal Sit-ups

    • Keep your arms fully extended, directly over your head.
    • Avoid using momentum.

  • Horizontal Knee-Ins

    EOW: Horizontal Knee-Ins

    • Maintain a flat back position.
    • Bring your knees to your chest.

  • Stiff Opposites

    EOW: Stiff Opposites

    • Sit Up to a V Sit Position.
    • Try to keep your feet of of the ground the whole time.

  • Pole Vault Over-Extension

    EOW: Pole Vault Over-Extension

    • Keep your core engaged through ou the exercise.
    • Maintain a flat back position.

  • Cable Crunch

    EOW: Cable Crunch

    • Bring your elbows straight down to the ground below you.
    • Maintain a flat back position.

  • Gator Chomps

    EOW: Gator Chomps

    • Sit up all the way to a proper V-Sit position.
    • Do not use momentum to sit up.

  • Cable Wood Choppers

    EOW: Cable Wood Choppers

    • Keep 90 degree angles with your knees.
    • Maintain straight arms.
    • Finish outside the knee


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