Cross Training


Functional Muscle Fitness’s Cross Training Program revolves around 3 levels that allow for novice to advanced athletes to train intensely and safely while focusing on reducing Common Injuries associated with Cross Training… teaching / enhancing Olympic Weightlifting… Burning Fat & Gaining Lean Muscle … and creating Fun & Challenging Workouts

Reduced Risk of Injury
We are able to cut back on the common injuries associated with Cross Fit or other styles of Cross Energy Training by focusing on mobility / flexibility, unilateral strength, accessory work, technique and incorporating science based progression and variable manipulation to develop total body balance…

Teach / Enhance Olympic Weightlifting
Our CT program revolves around three program levels that break down specific segments of the clean, jerk and snatch thus allowing our athletes to learn how to properly perform Olympic Weightlifting and/or drastically enhance their skills while minimizing the risk of injury…

Burn Fat, Gain Lean… Get Ripped!
The key to getting lean is burning fat and building lean muscle; the best way to accomplish this is through compound multi-joint movements that use limited rest times along with maximal rest times that focus on increasing strength, power, growth and fat loss…

Fun & Challenging Workouts
With a team like atmosphere and coaches who truly care about your health and success, pushing through these energy taxing workouts seems fun an enjoyable all while getting your butt kicked by the workout order and exercise selection.

Ask us about number tracking, goal setting and nutritional guidance…





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