Dani Bernat’s Bio

Dani joined Functional Muscle Fitness in July of 2015 after graduating from St Mary’s College in Moraga with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology Health and Human Performance.

From an early age Dani knew she wanted a career centered around sports. Growing up a competitive athlete she spent much of her time on the soccer field honing her skills.  A big emphasis was placed on soccer skills and conditioning, but not so much on strength and proper running, jumping, and sprinting mechanics.

Throughout her soccer career she saw teammates and opponents suffer multiple non-contact injuries such as ankle sprains, muscle pulls, and most notably ACL tears. After tearing her own ACL and undergoing the months of physical therapy that followed, Dani started to research more about ACL tears. Asking questions such as; how common are ACL tears? Why are they more common in females? And how can they be prevented?

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After graduating high school with opportunities to play college soccer, Dani chose to start coaching. She immediately realized she was able to connect with the young athletes. She was able to blend the coaching styles of her coaches to develop her style to get the most out of her athletes.  In addition, her own experience of recovering from her ACL injury enables her to relate to athletes when they experience their own injuries and rehabilitation challenges.


While coaching once again she witnessed many non-contact injuries and became curious about strength and conditioning, the impact it has on injury prevention, and keeping athletes on the field longer.  A strength and conditioning course as St Mary’s was the pivotal point in Dani’s choice of career.  She realized she could have an impact on athletes as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for high school athletes.


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