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Fitness Development

Athlete Development

Learn Technique & gain Mobility

POWERR… is focused on learning to properly perform Olympic weightlifting, getting stronger and becoming more flexible. Technique training teaches how to execute proper triple extensions, rack the bar properly and squat full range of motion (ROM) without rounding the lower back. This means increasing hamstring, calf, hip, wrist and chest flexibility while strengthening the thoracic spine, core and lower body. The development of mobility, strength and power has proven to drastically increase athletic performance, especially speed and jumping ability. Learn more about Olympics and see Olympic Weightlifting exercises here…

Fitness Development… properly and safely integrates persons into Functional Muscle Fitness. The program works on muscular development, mobility / flexibility, muscular symmetry and so much more. The program is geared to prime the body to fat burning and lean muscle growing mode. Compound multi-joint resistance training exercises through full ranges of motion is the key to fat loss and lean muscle growth. The other major component to this program is how it provides our members with the confidence to train hard, have fun and learn the exercises.

Athlete Development… what do athletes need to be able to perform at a high level without injuries? Here are a few: strength and power; ability to jump; sprint fast; be balanced; have a strong core; total body coordination; unilateral strength; muscular symmetry; agility; mental and physical toughness; muscular endurance; power repeatability; and be less risk adverse to injuries. Athlete development at Functional Muscle Fitness is a 3 day per week program that focuses on those needs. 100% of all persons whom stayed consistent with the athlete development program have seen results in all categories.

Learn Technique & gain Mobility… each program has different focuses but all three programs have an inherent focus on technique while providing the participant with the mobility / flexibility to perform each lift. This drastically boosts their confidence, ability to recover and expedites results. However, the number one focus of each program is consistency. It is designed for 3 days per week and that is exactly what should happen. Functional Muscle Fitness coaches are here to help and we guarantee we will do everything in our power to facilitate your success… will you?


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