Edgar Grajo’s Bio

Edgar joined Functional Muscle Fitness in the summer of 2012, but like all things it started way back in history…

Tired of being the skinny Asian guy, Edgar asked one Christmas for a Joe Weider Home Gym System. The in-home training system eventually led Edgar to training at Gold’s Gym. This was the pivotal decision in Edgar’s life in which he uncovered his passion for strength training.

Edgar took several classes at Solano Community College; classes such as Anatomy, Physiology and Exercise Science. The Sports Medicine classes really attracted Edgar’s attention. Edgar knew that his lack of height and weight limited his chances of being a professional football player and this class brought to his attention strength & conditioning / sports medicine and how it could allow him to be a part of the sports world.

edgar grajo strength coach

The Head Athletic Trainer Allison Aubert taught the Sports Medicine class. Allison could see Edgar’s work ethic and passion and asked Edgar if he was interested in being a part of the staff as a Student Athletic Trainer. During his time as a student Athletic Trainer Edgar primarily worked with football, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and women’s soccer. Edgar’s determination quickly landed him the head student Athletic Trainer at Solano College, which he helped with the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries of all athletes at Solano College. While at Solano College Edgar worked the USA Olympic Track and Field Trials in Sacramento, CA. Edgar also worked the Volleyball Festival in Reno, NV. However, Edgar’s most accomplished time spent as a student Athletic Trainer was when he was asked to be the Head Athletic Trainer of the now defunct Solano Steelheads of the Western Baseball League (an independent baseball league with no affiliation to the MLB). He was given the opportunity to work and travel with professional baseball players trying to get back into “big leagues.” When the Western Baseball League folded Edgar was asked to be the Head Athletic Trainer for the Solano Thunderbirds, which was an independent college summer baseball team. The Thunderbirds had student athletes coming from all over the country (including UCLA, Stanford and Notre Dame).

All things changed when he finally transferred out of Solano College. Edgar received an email through San Jose State that the Oakland Raiders had an internship program. Although Athletic Training gave him many wonderful experiences and opportunities he could not pass up working with professional football players on his favorite team. In 2009, Edgar joined the Oakland Raiders as a Strength and Conditioning Intern. Edgar worked under Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Brad Roll, along with his assistants Chris DiSanto and Chris Pearson. These men helped shape and mold Edgar’s philosophy on exercise, working out, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, even in life. If there was ever an un-official title of “Head Student Intern” Edgar may as well been given it; Edgar was one of the few who the coaching staff entrusted, particularly Coach Roll, with doing specific tasks or projects. The coaching staff had Edgar during the season working from 6 am to 6pm at times.

In the summer of 2012, Edgar had the opportunity to intern with the San Jose Sabercats of the Arena Football League under Head Strength Coach Fred Stephens. In the same summer a guy named Mark Wine, who he met while working with the Oakland Raiders called and the rest is history. One thing is for certain; Edgar continues to advance his career and is on his way to being the best Strength & Conditioning Coach in the state of California.


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