Get Lean and Ripped in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Sep 26th, 2017

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Get Lean and Ripped in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Get Lean and Ripped in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Functional Muscle Fitness Inc. has paired up with Life Training TV, a YouTube channel, to bring at home workouts to the on-the-go fitness enthusiast.

Functional Muscle Fitness programming is not about doing exercises at random, it is about successful training tips, habits and workouts that blend different levels of muscular contractions together creating revolutionary Functional Fitness Training. As the workout participants train they will experience un-parallel levels of muscular pump, fullness and metabolic workloads. The majority of the training will be pure bodyweight. The trick to the madness lies in the variables, the tempo and the pairing of exercises.

Our focus is on progressively adding volume through time-under-tension sets that exhaust the muscles, pushing them to their limits thus eliminating the need for added resistance. The tension places the muscles under extreme stress thus recruiting cross-sectionals that will help increase strength. We incorporate explosive movements and total body movements at times, depending on the focus, to elevate the heart rate while enhancing fat burning.

First up on the program chart is an “at home” chest workout series. We have had a lot of requests from viewers on all of our social networks requesting help and content on how to build their chest up and get lean while doing so. Well say no more we are more than happy to oblige. Check out the first of many videos here: Life Training


Good luck and stay tuned for many other videos to come, such as core workouts; butt building; ripped, lean and tone; fat loss; and that is to name a few.

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