Green Tea Your Way to Fat Loss and Health

May 18th, 2013

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Green Tea Your Way to Fat Loss and Health

Green Tea Your Way to Fat Loss and Health

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For thousands of years Asian cultures have been using green tea, a warm delightful beverage, as a way to maintain health and prevent disease. In the late sixteen hundreds Westerners found the tea and begin to trade / sell it. Although Westerners typically drink black tea, Eastern cultures typically drink Green Tea. The leaves are derived from the same plant but the preparation methods are different. Black tea is fermented after the leaves are picked. This fermentation process kills off numerous antioxidants, which are tannins and/or polyphenols. On the other hand, green tea is steamed to produce a more natural product that is antioxidant enriched. Green tea thus becomes superior in flavor, fat loss and health.

Antioxidants are enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and supplements that are ingested and naturally produced to protect our bodies from dangerous free radicals. Free radicals are generated through the burning of fuel to produce energy. Free radicals are uncontrolled antioxidants that damage cells and destroy the immune system. Individuals with a high amount of free radicals within their blood stream increase the risk to contract disease, cancer, and an overall feeling of unhealthiness. As we age our bodies produce less antioxidants. Therefore, our free radical count increases and puts us at a higher risk to contract disease. Thus it becomes essential to ingest more foods and beverages that are enriched in antioxidants. Although there are other foods and supplements that are high in antioxidants (berries, grape-seed, beta-carotene, etc.), green tea provides double duty action by enhancing fat burning and increasing health.


Fat burning is often a result of a higher metabolism. If ones metabolic rate is increased, than their body is in constant fat burning mode. The article Quick Tips to Raise Your Metabolism and Burn Fat discusses the importance of increasing the resting metabolic rate. One point of discussion is the efficiency of caffeine and its effects on fat burning. Although caffeine, coffee, and black tea are beneficial and can aid in fat loss, green tea has been shown to achieve greater results.


Numerous research groups have tested with green tea extracts. These groups were given green tea extracts with each meal. The result, an increased metabolic rate to each group member who ingested the tea extracts. Other persons in the research group ingested caffeine pills; the caffeine pills group did not have an increased metabolic rate like that of the green tea extract group. In other words, drinking Green Tea with each meal, or just merely sipping on it throughout the day, will increase your metabolic rate and increase calories burned.


Black asian teapot with mint teaGreen tea doesn’t stop at simply raising ones metabolic rate, it can also help shed water weight that often leaves you feeling bloated. Atkins and other carbohydrate free diets premise is to eliminate carbohydrates and replace them with fat, protein, and fiber. However, this merely sheds water weight while increasing one’s body fat percentage. Green tea will not only shed excess water weight (body weight reduction), but it will also kick your body’s metabolism into extreme fat burning mode. The result, a reduction in body fat percentage and body weight.


Green tea provides long sustained energy with significantly less caffeine than coffee per serving; or any other caffeinated beverage for that matter. Although individuals assume high amounts of caffeine lead to weight and fat reduction, that is not entirely true. Caffeine in correct dosages has been shown to curb hunger, increase metabolic rate, and increase fat loss. Coffee, although enriched with antioxidants and caffeine, is a high glycemic food and can lead to fat gain. After ingesting coffee your body is in an elevated blood sugar spike, which leads to fat storage. It remains in fat storage mode within an hour to two following the ingestion of the coffee. Green tea on the other hand is offered in low glycemic formulas and contains EGCG, which is the active ingredient that leads to fat reduction. Green tea is the miracle drink that everyone has been looking for.



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