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Functional Muscle Fitness core focus is to improve the lives and athletic performance of all of its dynamic members through biomechanical analysis’s, which incorporate fundamental development programs that include Olympic weightlifting, functional training, strength and power training, speed and agility training, soft tissue correction therapy, symmetrical correction and nutrition coaching. FMF’s coaches promise to continually educate themselves and hold themselves accountable to all members in order to better serve the greater FMF community through every possible means, including working out beside them!

1) Humility – practice it daily by remembering where we started from
2) Equality amongst all – everyone deserves a chance; everyone deserves to be helped; all results are achievable
3) Do not Boast – we want all athletes / members to tell people that they train at FMF rather than us telling people who we train
4) Remain Grounded – remember our founding principles and stay true to our core values
5) Take a servant’s approach – we are mere servants serving our members to whole life betterment.
6) FMF is an addiction – training at FMF should become more than a workout but rather a way of life
7) NO weak links – every member / athlete is a part of a larger team that pushes, motivates and holds all other members accountable to achieve their goals and beyond…

Who trains at FMF…?
• Top 10 ranked women MMA fighters
• UFC Fighter
• De La Salle High School
• US National Swim Team Members
• US Junior National Swim Team Members
• Terrapin National Swim Team
• Figure Competitors
• Walnut Creek Soccer Club
• State Wrestling Champ
• Professional Golfer
• Top Ranked Club Volleyball
• WWE Superstar
• Northgate High School
• National high school record holding relay team
• In college right now: swimming, basketball, football, rugby, track & field
• Members of the United States Military!!!

Functional Muscle Fitness (FMF) was founded in 2009, but wasn’t officially founded until 2010. However, the ideas and concepts behind FMF started in 2003 when the founder, Mark Wine CSCS, exited high school devoted to playing football at the next level. During this time Mark underwent ankle surgery that forced him to remain off his legs for six months. Dedicated not to miss a season Mark begin research and development on a more functional style of training. By the time Mark had battled his way onto the San Diego State University football team he was ready to leave the game and follow his passion, Strength and Conditioning.

Mark’s first step was to aid in opening a Mixed Martial Arts and Personal Training Gym in San Diego, CA. MMA, particularly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), opened his eyes to where functional training needed to go and where he was going to take it. In his eyes, strength and conditioning was outdated and was starving for a drastic overhaul.

In 2010 FMF officially opened their doors in Concord, CA. Immediately persons of all walks of life came in to experience this revolutionary style of training. Olympic lifts, proper progression, range of motion (ROM) training, and so many other forms of training all became integrated into each and every training program. As a result, all the persons, both young and old, moderate and advanced, pro and amateur, all achieved fantastic results.

Since the grand opening in 2010, FMF has since moved into a facility 3x as large. With over 300 full programs written and more on their way, FMF has no signs of slowing down. High school teams, club teams, fitness enthusiasts, fitness competitors, pro athletes, collegiate athletes, MMA athletes, and so many others now call FMF their home. FMF is different because we realize that it is not our educated and properly trained coaches that make the difference, but rather the persons who fill our gym everyday with goals in mind and allowing nothing to stand in their way to achieve them!



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