functional training

“Functional Training is one’s ability to perform a training regimen and/or exercise that recruits specific musculature being utilized in real life / athletic situations. Often times these movements have similar movement patterns to that of its real life counterpart; however, exercises do not have to mimic the athletic / real life situation precisely to be considered functional training.”

– Mark Wine

WELCOME to Functional Muscle Fitness LLC! FMF has one goal, to take all of our athletes and clients and help them reach their athletic and/or fitness goals through functional movements and complex power exercises. As a result, our clients will increase greater functional – lean body musculature through proper stability, static and dynamic flexibility, power, strength and core.. The final result will be a more balanced and efficient athlete with superior athletic performance.

FMF sets goals and makes it possible for our customers / clients to achieve them. We at FMF do not simply show you how to do the exercise, we educate you in how and why to perform each exercise. We place emphasis and educate on topics such as athletic performance, proper body kinetics, and proper nutrition. FMF leads the fitness / athletic performance industry through our established Strength and Conditioning coaches, athletic performance trainers, personal trainers and group class instructors, all of whom take pride in how our athletes and clients feel / look.

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Functional is defined as “something able to fulfill its purpose or function” [Wikipedia]. Functional Training is defined as “a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life” [Wikipedia]. Taking it a step further, “Functional Training is one’s ability …
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