Mark Wine’s Bio


Director of Operations

Positions Held Currently

  • Director of Operations at Functional Muscle Fitness LLC

  • full range of motion squatsDe La Salle High School – Director of Strength & Conditioning

  • Team USA Synchronized Swimming – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Walnut Creek Soccer Club – Director of Speed & Agility

  • Team Haiti Polo – Strength & Conditioning Coach



  • Olympic Weightlifting


  • Nutrition expert – fat loss, athletic performance, muscle gain, etc…

  • Movement Assessment Screening

  • Speed Development

  • Cross-Energy Training

  • Injury Prevention Training

  • ACL Rehabilitation

  • Youth Athletic Development



  • National Strength & Conditioning Association – Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • San Diego State University – Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Minor in Public Economics

  • USA Weightlifting – USAW Level One Coach

  • Art of Power Olympic Weightlifting – Coach Wu Chuan Fu

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Performance Enhancement Specialist



Mark Wine is the owner of Functional Muscle Fitness (FMF) in Concord, CA. FMF is an elite fitness and athletic performance center with a customer range from 6 to 72 years old. Coach Wine is also currently the head Strength & Conditioning Coach for De La Salle High School, team USA Synchronized Swimming, Walnut Creek Soccer Club and team Haiti Polo.

Coach Wine began his professional career at 24 hour fitness in San Diego, CA, while finishing his senior year of college. After a short time (i.e. less than six months) he assisted in opening a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Personal Training facility. It was during this time that he discovered what Functional Training was really about. Coach Wine was always aware of the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting and its correlation to explosive strength and power for athletics. However, while training MMA athletes he realized how supplementing cross energy training (not cross fit) with more traditional strength and power training could develop far superior athletes. This vision of Functional Training would be further enhanced by focusing on symmetry and other methods of injury prevention training.

Coach Wine left San Diego to return home to the Bay Area. His education and expertise helped him quickly earn the opportunity to with the Oakland Raiders during their pre-season training camp. After spending two days with legendary strength coach Brad Roll he asked Coach Wine to stay for the remainder of training camp, which turned into two full seasons. During this time coach Wine was also able to spend time with the University of Texas Longhorns football and the women’s volleyball and soccer programs. He gained significant insight into elite training and how to deal with different personalities at elite levels.

Coach Wine opened Functional Muscle Fitness during his second year at the Oakland Raiders. FMF was founded on the principle of providing motivated individuals the chance to train at professional levels whether it is for fitness, fat loss, athletic performance or youth development. This attitude has helped FMF grow and expand twice more than doubling its size each time. Along the way coach Wine and FMF have acquired positions at the following: De La Salle High School, along with other local high schools; team USA Synchronized swimming; the Terrapins swim club; Walnut Creek Soccer Club; and Team Haiti Polo.

“Success is not an object in which one can obtain but rather a way one chooses to live their life.”



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