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  • Fitness for MMA

  • Heavy Bags, Heavy Ropes, Tires and more…

  • Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

  • Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Growth

FMF Max is a cross energy class that consists of highly athletic movements that translate to strength, power and endurance for MMA. This class focuses on developing a super athlete, one that can continually produce high strength and power outputs for prolonged periods of time. This class is high intensity and involves heavy ropes, medicine balls, weightlifting, jumping, sprinting and a ton of other FMF original movements that are both FUN and TOUGH.




  • Did someone say Six Pack?

  • Total Body Fun

  • Motivating Atmosphere

  • Strength, Flexibility and Fat Loss

Are you looking to lean your mid-section? Get in bikini shape? Get a six pack? Or even simply have a solid foundation to alleviate lower back pain? If any of those apply to you then get your butt to Core Camp. Core camp focuses on movements that specifically target the mid-section. Total body resistance training with various forms of specific abdominal work target and drastically lean the stomach and burn fat. It’s a FUN total body workout that gets you ready for that summer bikini.



  • Arms, Abs, Claves and Traps

  • Beach Muscles!!!

  • Six Pack

  • Did someone say Calves for days???

Now here is everyone’s favorite workout, small muscles. You get to curl for the girls… get tri’s for the guys… do I say more? “Small muscles” is low intensity. It consists of arm exercises that lean, tone and strengthens your arms; calf exercises that help build lean muscle on the lower leg and get the shape you’ve always wanted; and abdominal work that will get you that ripped six pack you’ve been waiting for.



  • Strength & Power Repeatability

  • It’s a Ball Buster

  • Get ready for Spartan Races / Tough Mudder

  • Pushes you to your limits

This class is considered the most difficult class at Functional Muscle Fitness; it’s a real ball buster. Max Extreme pushes every person to their maximum limits, hence the name. It involves athletic movements, insane paces, heavy lifting, high repetitions and intense runs. It requires each participant to have a high level of experience and be able to self motivate. It is an inspiring and motivational class that will leave you saying “wow!”





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