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In three weeks, I had lost 12 lbs. and 2 inches off my waistline.  Incredibly, my energy went up and stayed consistent throughout the day.  And even though I was eating a little more, and more frequently than I was before, the pounds kept dropping anyway and I was never hungry.

Chris Zelnik


The Functional Diet is unique because the focus is placed on a gradual process and an education on how to pair macros versus limit food choices and cut out specific foods.


Decreased Body Fat

The nutritional guide is set in place to reduce one’s body fat, get leaner!! We do track body weight but the primary focus is on drastically reducing body fat through lean muscle growth.


Monthly Plan

The monthly plan allows members to get new plans week in and week out so they never feel like they are dieting but rather eating healthy… leaving them flexibility to enjoy food while seeing results.

  • Customized weekly nutrition plan…
  • Recipes for the week…
  • Meal prep ideas
  • Members = $25 add on to membership // Non-Members = $75 per month


Nutritional Consult

A one hour session where Coach Wine edits a 3-day food log, done beforehand. The consulted will leave with 2-3 food logs that are customized to their goal. Cost is $100.


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