Functional Barbell
Olympic Weightlifting - Overhead Squat (1)   Functional Barbell  


Functional Barbell at FMF focuses on taking each athlete / client through the Basic Fundamentals of weightlifting… Individualized Technical NeedsSpecific Mobility Drills… all while placing emphasis on Accessory Work to reduce injuries and elevate every athlete’s performance in weightlifting…

Basic Fundamentals

Functional Barbell coaches utilize an exclusive and specialized progressive Olympic Weightlifting program called “Broken Olympics” to ensure that each athlete is able to perform every lift efficiently…

Individualized Technical Needs

Our educated coaching staff is able to see very specific technical flaws and is able to coach each athlete through these movement inefficiencies with individualized weightlifting drills…

Specific Mobility Drills

Our educated coaching staff is well rehearsed in biomechanics and anatomy thus we are able to pin point specific flexibility, mobility and asymmetry issues… taking it one step further we are able to provide our athletes with a solution to fix the problem, not just avoid it…

Accessory Work

Our programs focus on unilateral work, strength and stabilization to enhance our athlete’s entire body to keep them healthy, injury free and looking good!!!


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