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“This is no P-90X, we aren’t that Amateur”

Are you an athlete who wants to take your training to a whole new level?

Re-create your athletic career? Build an athletic base? Dominate your current sport?

Want Insane sport specific workouts geared for ELITE PERFORMANCE?


Are you a fitness enthusiast who wants to transform your physique? Your life? Your Workouts?

Maybe just AMP up your current training?

Have you ever thought.. what would it be like.. to be lean…fit…athletic…go into a gym and blow everyone out of the water…or just be able to pass everyone up on a run…heal lower back pain… get the 6 pack you always wanted…

Functional Muscle Fitness will create a program that is GEARED TOWARDS YOUR GOALS. Your needs. Your Strengths. Your Weaknesses. The exercises you like to do and don’t like to do, and of course new ones you have never seen.

The equipment you typically use and don’t. The specific days during the week you want to train. Our Customized Programs offer creative, original, and innovative workouts, with simplified language for better understanding that can lead to results you never thought possible.

What FMF programs Offer:

  • 2, 3 or 4 day workout routines based on your goals, wants needs.
  • A Written 7 day structure so you know exatly what your week should look like
  • 8 Week comprehensive program


Results will be mind blowing if programs are followed…

You will never be bored again with working out or training…

Athletic Performance gains will be that of Pro Athletes

Whether it is a gym workout program or an at home workout program, FMF has you covered. For only one payment of $120, that’s under two dollars a day, you can gain access to the most elite 8 week program ever offered. What are you waiting for.. your new body and/or your new ATHLETIC GIFTS are only a click away!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!!!!!!!!!

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