Physique athletes at FMF love the variety of lifting program … we blend new age functional with traditional lifting… Get Lean… Drop Body Fat… Get Stronger…  Hypertrophy… Avoid Hardcore Diets…



McColeman program is a high volume body-building program that places emphasis on time under tension isolation, big lift strength and compound tension sets. All participants can expect to get massive gains of hypertrophy (nutrition limited), strength and leanness.



Bikini is a sister program to McColeman. The focus for this program is getting novice and high level physique athletes in bikini shape. Tension sets, traditional high rep isolation movements and non-traditional cardio options provide our participants with unparalleled results. Show off your abs, lats, shoulders and glutes.


Functional Glutes

This program was designed to create a lean, tone and fit physique with glutes as a primary focus. Non-traditional and traditional resistance training techniques and tactics are applied within this program. Cardio is non-traditional thus not boring the hell out of our participants!!



A hybrid program that places emphasis on physique and strength while pushing limits!!! If you like a challenge, lifting heavy stuff and looking good while doing it then this program is all you. It has a unique blend between cross-training circuits, power lifting with classic lifts and high volume high tension bodybuilding training.

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