Fight Trainer X

FTX® has created the most innovative functional training product when it comes to suspension training, utilizing the Dynamic Tension System™ (DTS), which includes the equipoise™ training bar and variance™ straps. This pioneering training system requires a state of equilibrium that utilizes body weight suspension training by offering complex total body workouts utilizing the equipoise™ bar and the easy-to-adjust variance straps™ for unpredictable resistance training that provides an exclusive mix of core stability, strength, rotational power, balance, body control, total body power and coordination for all fitness enthusiasts / athletes alike, whether novice or advanced. It’s great for ALL LEVELS!!!

  • Increases lean muscle growth exponentially through increased optimal muscle length-tension relationship
  • Stimulates core stabilization and power for increased control and balance in the water and on land
  • Can be set up anywhere that it can hang from (tree, beam, squat rack, shed, pole, fence)
  • Easiest adjustable system on the market, it can be changed in seconds to adjust to each athletes fitness level and/or to change between exercises



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