resistance bands


Perform Better Super Bands are the most user friendly bands on the market. They withstand high amounts of wear and tear without losing tension. These bands are effective for both upper and lower body training, allowing for workouts to be performed anywhere. No Gym is required. The deliver an added bonus by attaching to dumbbells and/or barbells for explosive strength, speed and power gains in the weight room. Check them out at 1/2″ (25lbs) – 1″ (50lbs) – 1.75″ (75lbs) – 2.5″ (100lbs) But Them Here. From $11.95


Perform Better Mini Bands are a great resource to call on at any location, whether the gym, home, field, anywhere. These bands allow you to utilize movements that target the hip and shoulder complexes while increase lower and upper body strength, flexibility, and coordination. Using mini bands in conjunction with other exercise devices, such as back squats or other movements alike, will allow you to engage more musculature throughout one movement. For younger athletes try the light-yellow; for moderate to advanced try the green or blue; for advanced and stronger athletes try the extra heavy-black bands. Buy Them Here. From $2.00



Bodylastics Quick Clip Resistance Bands are truly the most versatile at home, in club training resistance bands on the market. The variability of the product leads to mind altering results. There is a possibility of up to 388 pounds of mind blowing resistance that makes you a more explosive athlete with freakish strength. Add the bands to any barbell, or any other idea you can think of to create awesome workouts. The bands come with a workout guide, bag, and much more. Buy Them Here. From$109.95




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