stability balls


Pro Stability Balls are a great way to improve core stability, balance and total body strength. This ball is elite because of its versatility and ability to handle heavy loads. It has a static weight limit of 2200lbs. Perform normal exercises such as Stability Ball Leg Curls on the stability ball for added toughness and variability. Purchase these in 55cm, 65cm, or 75cm. Buy Them HERE. From $44.95



Perform Better Gymnic Stability Ball Plus is another product by Perform Better that is ideal for functional training. This is a great device for proprioceptive , balance, and stability training. This ball will ensure proper core development and exercise variability that will allow movement in all planes and ranges of motion. Purchase these stability balls in 18″, 22″, 26″, and 30″. Buy Them Here. From $21.50



All Things Stability training video is the most highly rated video of its kind in the industry today. Anything that involves proprioception, stability, core, strength, flexibility, range of motion, power, coordination and balance is performed in this video. After viewing this video your arsenal of exercises will be fully loaded, leading to greater fitness levels.

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