Swim Trainer X

STX® has created the most innovative functional dry land training product for swimming, utilizing the original Dynamic Tension System™ (DTS), which includes the equipoise™ training bar and variance™ straps. This DTS system requires a state of equilibrium that utilizes body weight suspension training while offering complex total body workouts utilizing the equipoise™ bar and the easy-to-adjust variance straps™ for unconventional resistance training that provides an exclusive mix of core stability, strength, rotational power, balance, body control, total body power and coordination for all swimmers, whether recreational, collegiate, or professional.

  • First dry land product ever created that allows horizontal leg flutters, similar to that of kicks in the water; it also provides the range of motion to perform breast stroke kicks, ON LAND!
  • Increases lean muscle growth exponentially through increased optimal muscle length-tension relationship; this allows more power generated during concentric contractions in the water.
  • Stimulates core stabilization and power for increased control and balance in the water and on land
  • Can be set up anywhere that it can hang from (tree, beam, squat rack, shed, pole, fence)
  • Easiest adjustable system creates a fast transition between exercises and teammates on the pool deck or wherever dry land is done; it can be changed in seconds



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