Raise Your Metabolism – Quick Tips to Raise Your Metabolic Rate and Burn Fat

May 28th, 2013

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Raise Your Metabolism – Quick Tips to Raise Your Metabolic Rate and Burn Fat

Quick Tips to Raise Your Metabolism and Burn Fat

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The relationship between metabolism and fat loss is like peanut butter and jelly; they go hand-in-hand. If you’re serious about losing fat and/or weight your metabolic rate needs to be accounted for; this includes the resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the amount of energy (i.e. calories) burned while at rest. An elevated RMR results in increased caloric expenditure, which equates to fat and weight loss.

If you burn more calories than you consume throughout the day than you should lose weight, with all other variables not considered, because you will be in a “calorie deficit.” However, weight loss is not the entire picture. There are plenty of “skinny-fat” people in the world who lose weight and put on body fat; this leaves the body in an unhealthy state. Utilize the following techniques in regards to nutrition and resistance training to maximize fat loss and lean muscle growth.

Do Not Skip Breakfast.

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. Eating the right types and blends of macronutrients for breakfast jump starts the metabolism. Throughout the night, while sleeping, your body has been working hard to recover and is now in starvation mode. Your metabolic rate has slowed down and putting on fat is easy. Therefore, it is critical that your first meal comes quick and is the right fuel to change your body from fat storing to fat burning. The right breakfast can also provide you with optimal amounts of energy to jump start your day.

-Oatmeal: ¼-1 cup steel cut or organic rolled oats contains countless whole grains and provides low glycemic resistance starches to your diet. Resistance starches are not easily stored as fat but rather excreted like fiber when in excess. Great energy source.

-Eggs or Meat: choose 2-3 organic cage free eggs along with 1-2 egg whites. Egg yolks are the most nutritious part of the egg and contain essential fats; the fat will also slow down the digestion of other food. Add egg whites, without the yolks, to boost protein levels without excessive fat. The other option is 4-6 ounces of a lean meat, such as 90/10 organic ground bison. The meat will not only provide essential branched chain amino acids to build muscle but will boost cognitive function because of neurotransmitter stimulation.

-Whey Protein: choose 15-25 grams of whey contains essential amino acids that are necessary for lean muscle growth as well as cognitive function.  When it’s hard to get protein into your diet in the morning consuming a protein shake could be the difference maker. Use whey protein if you cannot eat eggs or meat.

-Mixed Nuts (almonds, walnuts): the heart healthy fat is not only good to get you thinking right away but it will slow down the absorption of the entire meal. This results in a lower glycemic value for the entire meal, which means a more stable blood sugar and less fat gain.

-Cold Water Fish Oil: 1 gram of fish oil, from an organic wild cold water fish, can help boost growth and fat loss. Fish oil does the following: turns the body anabolic; provides are cells with a healthy outer layer that is sensitive to insulin; maintains blood sugar stability; and many more healthful side effects.

Do Not Skip Meals or Snacks.

A common misconception of eating healthy is to diet, which means eat less food. It has become popular to skip meals and snacks and/or simply eat 1-2 times per day. Unfortunately this technique is one of the quickest ways to increase fat storage. The body becomes adapted to starvation mode thus slowing down the metabolic rate in order to burn fewer calories. The body, which is now in fat storage mode, stores anything that is consumed to save for the next time it is deprived of adequate nutritional intake. Try the following:

-Greek Yogurt: eat 6-8oz of organic plain yogurt. If you want to add sweetness use fresh fruit to sweeten it up; berries or other lower glycemic fruit is preferred. Try a touch of agave nectar, which is lower glycemic, instead of sugar.

-Mixed Nuts: be careful not to over indulge; small handful only. Eating healthy fat has proven to decrease body fat. Almonds are the most recommended; however, there are other nut choices that are great to eat. Try walnuts, cashews and pistachios. Dry roasting nuts can enhance the flavor tenfold; however, over roasting nuts kills the nutrients. Roast them lightly and on a low heat.

-Natural Peanut Butter & Organic Apple: one small to medium size apple with 2 tbsp of peanut butter. Choose fresh ground peanut butter that has no hydrogenated oils or excessive sugar. Major peanut butter brands, like Jiffy and Skippy, often hide trans-fat hydrogenated oils and fractionated oils in their peanut butter. Eating an apple and peanut butter will provide you with the daily value of the powerful nutrient lycopene.

-Nutrition Bar: eat one bar that is less than 200 calories and free of fractionated and hydrogenated oils. Look for a low glycemic bar with a ratio of 1-2 carbs for every 1-2 grams of protein. A good bar should have fiber and healthy fat as well.

Perform complex multi-joint resistance exercises coupled with less rest time.

In order to increase your metabolism you must lift weights. Everyone talks about cardio-cardio-cardio!!! Well cardio is the furthest thing from the answer. Cardio can be helpful in two ways: one, the enhancement of the cardiovascular system; two, burning some calories throughout the session. However, this is where cardio stops and lifting starts. Performing complex multi-joint exercises, with moderate to heavy resistance, increases lean muscle growth, fat loss and extends caloric expenditure throughout the day. Choose exercises that require the use of multiple muscles at once. Use rest times of 60 seconds or less, between sets, or perform as a circuit.

NOTE: do not always engage in short rest times. Some strength and explosive lifts get better results with two to three minute rests.

-Squats: squats, whether back, front or split can be considered the number one exercise.

-Deadlifts: deadlifts are the greatest total body strength exercise. This lift truly taxes every muscle within your body.

-Burpee: most commonly used in the military. It engages your core tremendously and increases overall muscular function. This exercise can elevate your heart rate to new heights, thus making it a great way to get a cardiovascular and muscular workout at the same time.

-Olympic or Explosive Strength Lifts: these exercise range from cleans, snatches, jerks, presses, swings, jumps, etc… Explosive lifting develops type II muscle fibers (fast twitch) and results in enhanced functional muscular capabilities. The lifts also require high metabolic output because of their explosive nature, which results in increased muscle growth and fat burn.

(Visit www.functionalmusclefitness.com and click on “exercise of the week” to view some exercises)

Drink green tea, coffee, or supplement caffeine.

Caffeine enhances blood flow, contains numerous antioxidants, provides great energy, increases fat loss, increases the metabolic rate and can even help prevent Alzheimer’s. However, not all caffeine is created equal. I recommend buffered caffeine that is low glycemic. This source will not give you the jittery feeling that most caffeine users get when consuming too much caffeine. Green tea is a great choice for those who are not coffee fans. Green tea contains less caffeine per serving and is high in antioxidants. However, the coffee bean is one of the highest antioxidant enriched foods on the planet.

WARNING: consuming too much caffeine can be detrimental. Studies have shown negative side effects when individuals consume over 300mg per day. One major negative is the blunting of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is naturally produced within the body. HGH is key in fat loss and muscle growth.

-Coffee: limit the use of artificial sweeteners or other creamers. Nearly all mainstream creamers contain hydrogenated and fractionated oils, not to mention too much sugar.

-Tea: both green and black tea has numerous benefits.

Regardless of the methods used or not used, increasing your metabolic rate is essential in the fight against fat.


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