Rehabilitation (1)

Strengthen the Supporting Musculature

Correct Muscular Asymmetry

Strengthen the Injured Area

Find and correct the Cause

Rehabilitation at Functional Muscle Fitness places emphasis on getting you back into shape. There are numerous types of “shape.”

Shape 1; strengthen the muscles surrounding the injured area to build a firm and solid support system.

Shape 2, correct muscular asymmetry within the body and develop total body strength and conditioning. Persons with fewer imbalances and weaknesses are less likely to sustain injuries.

Shape 3, strengthen the injured area. The reason we point to this lastly is because we understand that often the injured area is the result and not the cause. What do we mean? For example, if someone tears a knee ligament it is often a result of a weak or inactive muscle, say the gluteus medius / minimus, which needs to be corrected for the injury not to re-occur or a new injury to be prevented.

Frequent Questions:

1.    Do you accept Health Insurance?

No, we do not at this time

2.    Do you accept or work with Workers Comp programs?

Yes, we do accept / work with workers comp programs.

3.    What is the most common injury you work with?

The most common injury we rehab is ACL injuries in Youth. The majority have been young girls who suffer from posterior chain weakness, specifically glute inactivity, and participate in competitive soccer.

4.    Do you have programs that are for more minor cases?

Yes. We have several rehabilitation programs that we provide to our members. They are for minor cases and we focus on strengthening and correcting asymmetry. For more serious cases we require personal training.

Any further questions or to schedule a FREE assessment please contact Coach Wine.





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