Robert Calica’s Bio

Robert Calica was born and raised in Pittsburg, California (the East Bay area). Rob was brought up in a very physical-sports oriented family. From a very young age Rob began wrestling. During his childhood years Rob dominated wrestling, where he placed in various state and regional tournaments. Much of what defines Rob today was derived from his wrestling experiences as a child.

roebert calica bio

By the time Rob began high school at Clayton Valley high school in Concord, CA (2003-2007), Rob’s dominance was well known. During Rob’s junior year he successfully participated and won the California Greco state championship; due to this accolade Rob became a part of team U.S.A in the 2006 Holland world duels. Unfortunately during Rob’s senior year he was struck with an injury that did not allow him to go any further than the B.V.A.L. championship.

Upon graduation from Clayton Valley High School Rob joined the Marine Corps infantry and was stationed in N.C. This was another pivotal moment in Rob’s life, really setting forth his passion for hard work and challenging tasks. Rob served two tours in Iraq (2009) and Afghanistan (2010-11). During his time as a Marine Rob received numerous accolades, including a perfect fitness evaluation score and a combat meritoriously. Rob was promoted to corporal while serving as a squad leader in Afghanistan.

When Rob was honorably discharged the veteran assistance had a program that helps Marines transition back into the civilian world. It was through this amazing program that Rob discovered his passion to pursue a career in personal training. He received his first personal training certification through the International Sport Science Association (ISSA) in 2012.  Hungry for more Rob earned another Personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2012 as well. Rob took a position at the health club In-Shape before realizing he wanted more. His hunger and determination to be the best, as he was in the Marines and at wrestling, brought Rob to Functional Muscle Fitness.

Rob’s journey as a Strength & Conditioning Coach has just begun and you can expect much from him as another world re-known S&C coach at Functional Muscle Fitness.

Today Rob continues to seek a Kinesiology degree while he has turned his focus on strength & conditioning and a possible come back to the mats… or should I say CAGE!



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