Although we strongly recommend that you attend the class during the class time we understand sometimes schedules don’t quite mesh… so if you can’t make the class time rest assured that you can come in anytime and expect coaching, as well as perform the workout you missed…

Boot Camp
M, W & F  @ 8:30am
T & TH @ 6:30pm

Saturday @7:30am & 8:30am

Spin & Core
M & W @ 6:30pm
Tuesday @ 9:00am

Core Camp
Friday  @ 8:30am

Olympic Weightlifting Basics
Wednesday @ 5:30pm

Athletic Performance (ages 13-16)
M, T & TH @ 3:30pm
Saturday @ 10:00am

Functional Youth (ages 6-12)
M, T & TH @ 4:30pm
Saturday @ 11:00am

T & TH @ 8:30am

Boot 30
Thursday @ 9:00am

**Hours of operation are subject to change due to holidays, closures and other such events scheduled by Functional Muscle Fitness Management


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