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Sport Specific Programs


Sport Specific Programs… the programs offered to FMF athletes are specifically geared to their sports movements. We perform an analysis of every sports specific movement and the muscular actions involved. FMF’s PAAS programs place specific emphasize on strength, speed and balance required for each sport. Most importantly, FMF focuses on developing a complete and developed athlete in order to prevent injuries and increase athletic performance.


Olympic Weightlifting… the core fundamental functional training methodology used in our athletic programs is Olympic Weightlifting. We progress each athlete to be able to perform proper triple extensions while having the mobility / flexibility to perform the ranges of motion required from each lift. Olympic lifting has been around for ages and there is a reason for it; the triple extension and the muscular energy / force required to perform each movement translates to sports performance more than any other style of lifting, period! Learn more about FMF’s Olympic Weightlifting and Olympic progression program POWERR.








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Speed & Agility Training… athletic programs are in place to teach and develop speed & agility. Proper dynamic warm ups serve double duty by teaching specific sprinting mechanics while properly warming up the athlete. Specific posterior chain (i.e. hamstring, glute, lower back) development and proper muscular activation works to increase speed. Quadriceps strengthening to absorb the eccentric load during ground contact that allows for quicker reaction times. True speed & agility enhancement lies in strength and movement efficiency, which is the key focus of FMF’s athletic programs. Read Speed, Strength & Weightlifting – you can’t have one without the other to learn more.


Injury Prevention… injury prevention exercises and movements are placed into every workout. Each program involves unilateral training (i.e. single side) to create a more symmetrical athlete. As little as a 15% difference in strength between the sides leads to injuries. FMF’s daily warm ups and warm downs incorporate mobility / flexibility in order to promote health and recovery, as well as exercise movement ability. FMF is affiliated with Stop Sports Injuries, a program that raises awareness to youth injuries.






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