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Boot Camp at Functional Muscle Fitness is an experience unparallel to none; through the multiple programs and phases that our clients go through FMF’s coaches ensure that each member Stays Healthy while reaching their goals… Burns Fat at an elevated rate… Stays Motivated through coaching and team work… and Work Hard while Having Fun

Stays Healthy

Through proper exercise science and program design the Boot Camp programs are focused on balancing all of our client’s bodies while decreasing joint issues, muscles strains, arthritis, etc…

Burns Fat

Boot Camp at FMF isn’t your run around, do cardio and lift light weights… oh no… our classes utilize resistance training and functional training principles that focus on multi-joint core movements while constantly varying workouts thus not allowing for periods of flatness (i.e. no results)…

Stay Motivated

Everyone, coaches and members alike, is extremely friendly, helpful, motivating and team-oriented, which helps keep you motivated while being held accountable to work towards your fitness goals…

Work Hard & Have Fun

The program format utilizes cross-energy training variables so it is fast paced, more sprint oriented, that keeps you working hard and those around you working hard, which is motivating, satisfying and most importantly… FUN!!!

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