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Never before has a class involved spin with core in the same class, which Make it Fun to get fit… pushes Every Level of Fitness to their own personal goals… enhances Fat Burning… and all while utilizing Total Body Core Exercises


Make It Fun

You will never attend another class that is more motivating and fun… even better, the format of the class changes every time so you never get stuck with the same boring routine or lose motivation…


All Levels of Fitness

Spin & Core at FMF has a wide demographic of ages, level of fitness, etc; each person spins and performs core to their abilities while the coach motivates and pushes in a motivating atmosphere…


Fat Burning

Constant variation between intensity, resistance and speeds on the bike, along with total body core exercises, maximizes fat burning and weight loss…


Total Body Core Exercises

True fat loss, weight loss, health and leanness come from resistance training that utilize multiple muscles to be used at one time; to get lean, to burn fat, you must avoid merely doing sit ups…


Are you ready to change your life and have fun doing it… than what are you waiting for? We have a spin bike with your name on it!!!


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