Cardio Training

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Cardio Training at Functional Muscle Fitness will change your outlook on cardio… not only is it challenging but by using resistance, explosive movements and core power we Make it Fun to get fit… push Every Level of Fitness to their own personal goals… enhance Fat Burning

Spin & Core

You will never attend another class that is more motivating and fun… constant variation between intensity, resistance and speeds on the bike, along with total body core exercises, maximizes fat burning and weight loss…


High Intensity Interval Training is a quick and intense cardio class that focuses on body-weight and some loaded movements that mixes fast pace with slow pace, some of which include traditional resistance training… a great 30 minute class to enhance FAT BURNING and have fun while doing it

Power Cardio

Burn calories galore… this class uses body-weight or medicine ball exercises that provide light resistance to core centered movements that provide variety and intensity to create a thermogenic butt kicker of a 30-minute cardio session!


Does quick spin sound fun? Does HIIT sound fund? Do you HATE boring cardio? If you answered yes to those questions and you like to do non-traditional cardio then SPHIT is all you! This class combines techniques from our Spin & Core class with our HIIT class

Are you ready to get in shape and have fun doing it… than what are you waiting for? We have the variety for you to EARN those results!!!


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