Summer Tips for Fat Loss part III

May 14th, 2013

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Summer Tips for Fat Loss part III

Summer Tips for Fat Loss part III – Stress, Inflammation, Vitamin D, Workouts

By, ;Mark Wine CSCS; NASM PT, PES, CES
Founder of Functional Muscle Fitness

Fat loss goes beyond diets and workouts. Analyzing and subjecting yourself to specific nutritional protocols has shown significant results in increasing fat burning. As well, taking out stress related situations, or simply learning how to better cope with them, has shown significant fat loss results. Here are some fat reduction tips that I like to call “bullpen tips” because they are often not known and therefore not acted upon.

1) Reduce your inflammation levels.
Elevated inflammation levels within the body has been linked to arthritis, periods of immobility (i.e. less activity), and high levels of body fat. Eat nutrient dense dark leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, collard greens, and dark romaine lettuce to reduce inflammation and increase your health. Consume omega-3 enriched olive oil in plenty because it increases heart health and burns fat. Consume antioxidant enriched dark chocolate, which has been shown to reduce inflammation, increase health, and even fight cancer. Lastly, darker colored fruit (berries), which are lower glycemic and packed with cancer fighting antioxidants, should become your main source of fruit.

vitamin-d-pills2) Supplement with Magnesium and Vitamin D.
If available, have your blood tested for both of these. Vitamin D has been linked to reduced belly fat levels. However, many persons are vitamin D deficient and should therefore supplement with this nutrient. Magnesium has been linked to decreased cortisol levels. Cortisol is a natural produced hormone that increases fat storage. The RDA of magnesium should be based upon each individual; however, some experts suggest a baseline of 500mg daily.

3) Reduce your stress levels.
Elevated levels of stress have been linked to prominent levels of cortisol, which can damage the body and increase fat storage. Cortisol has been shown to decrease cognitive performance and even lead to periods of mood changes and depression.

4) Eat-eat-eat before your workouts.
Training on an empty stomach is counterintuitive. The reason we workout is to increase lean muscle growth and decrease body fat levels. However, training on an empty stomach can do the opposite. Training “hungry” has been shown to limit fat burning and lean muscle growth. Training on an empty stomach is even more detrimental to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which is how much your metabolic rate is increased after working out. EPOC is able to remain elevated for up to 24 hours! The longer EPOC is in effect, which means your RMR will be higher, your body will be able to burn fat and increase lean muscle.

5) Sleep-sleep-sleep.
Persons who get adequate sleep generally have a better body fat composition. Sleep is our recovery time and recovery leads to enhanced muscular growth and lower levels of cortisol. 7-9 hours per night is the general recommendation.

With summer here, now is the time to get back into shape. If you are already in shape, then now is the time to get into crazy shape. Whether your results come from workouts, nutrition, or your overall lifestyle, follow these tips for greater results.

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