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“Guaranteed Results from the most elite trainers in the East Bay”


Question: How would you sum up Functional Muscle Fitness’s Personal Training?

Answer: Functional Muscle Fitness LLC (FMF) takes pride in all of our clients / members. No client’s of FMF will leave FMF unsatisfied, period! FMF’s training methods utilize original exercises / complex movements and workout routines that have proven effective and shown fantastic results.

Question: What makes FMF Personal Training Different?

Answer: Simple, we take PRIDE in every one of our clients. Our advertising relies on our clients results. Our clients receive a full weeks routine / plan, not just one day. We understand that true results lie in lifestyle changes, not just the training session. FMF trainers are well rehearsed in nutrition, lifestyle changes, and workouts / exercises that expend the highest amount of calories. FMF guarantees that any client who trains with FMF for over a month, and adopts the FMF training philosophy, will drastically reduce their body fat.


Question: How is the workout design different?

Answer: FMF realizes that constant variation is essential to attain the greatest results. Workouts at FMF are anything but typical. Workouts focus on complex training methods, including heart rate circuits and weight lifting circuits. No matter the goal, no matter the focus, each client is put through a workout that requires high caloric / energy output. Weights, heavy ropes, medicine balls, and suspension training devices are all utilized in challenging formats to ensure lean muscle growth, body fat reduction, and weight loss. FMF knows one size doesn’t fit all, but it fits most. So whether your goal is to get in better shape, increase strength & power, loose body weight, reduce body fat, or any other goal for that matter, FMF curtails the workout to achieve those results.

Question: What is FMF’s “Elite 9” Personal Training Model?


Answer: It’s probably easiest if we just show you our Elite 9 PT Model:

  1. Education: All trainers must be certified through National Strength & Conditioning Association or National Academy of Sports Medicine. All trainers must continue to educate themselves on current research in regards to training, nutrition, and anything that relates to personal training / fitness. All trainers must pass a moderately challenging test that tests exercises, workout variables, goals, nutrition, and various other related topics.

  2. Demonstration: All trainers must be able to demonstrate to FMF management a basic understanding of proper technique and progression for a core group of original exercises and Olympic lifts that are utilized while training at FMF. Each trainer must be capable of demonstrating each exercise to every client.

  3. Better Shape Guarantee: All trainers must be considered in better shape than the individuals they train. No trainer will be overweight, out of shape, or incapable of performing exercises that they are asking the clients to do. All trainers are walking billboards for FMF’s training style and must be a motivation piece for their clients.

  4. Original Exercises: FMF has innovated new and original exercises that challenge each athlete. These exercises are often the key that separates FMF training from any other training in the industry. All trainers must have knowledge of these exercises and be able to demonstrate and explain any exercise on our workout board.

  5. Live the Lifestyle: All trainers must eat, drink, lift, and sleep athletic performance / health / fitness. FMF believes in “lead by example,” and all trainers will abide by it.

  6. Mental Training: Having the right mindset is essential to achieving goals. All trainers must be able to guide their clients through mental training by means of exercise. Each workout is tuff, but some are more challenging than others. Trainers must motivate and work with each client to give them the strength to push through their comfort zone.

  7. Around the Clock Guidance: FMF trainers must provide their clients with a means of contact in order to be reached in times of need or desperation. If a client has a question about nutrition, exercise, or anything in regards to fitness, FMF trainers must be available to respond with an answer or find the answer for them.

  8. Nutrition & Cooking: FMF was founded by a foodie / cook. Therefore, it is essential that each trainer be rehearsed in nutrition. Nutrition coaching for the real world is what FMF trainers will be known for. If any c

    lient has a question on nutrition or cooking tips, FMF trainers will have the answer for them. FMF will provide information so each client can achieve success through proper lifestyle alterations in their diets, but never recommend a diet!

  9. Specific Training: One size does not fit all. Often times personal trainers use the same boring workout for every client. FMF trainers must individualize each workout to their clients fitness level and/or fitness goal. Trainers can use a blue print workout that is set for specific goals, but it must be altered and improved upon during the workout to fit the client.


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