Conner Jean

I owe all of my athletic ability to Mark and what he did for me at FMF. Mark and I paired up in my sophomore year in high school. He helped me get quicker, faster, and stronger so that I could play as an undersized guard on the basketball court. I had a severe back injury my junior year where I had 2 bulging discs that kept me on the sideline. The orthopedic surgeon told me I would never be able to play college basketball and that the only way my back would get better is to stop playing. I told Mark this news, and instead we went to work. He put me through a rehab program to strengthen up my core, and my back muscles and actually created some space between those vertebra’s to where 2 months later I was able to be back on the court. The biggest part was that I never had to sit out another game because of my back and was even able to play Division 1 basketball later down the rood. Thanks Mark for everything that you have done for me, you are a great mentor, coach, and role model for these younger kids.

Conner J. - Collegiate Basketball Player


Coach Wine’s program is truly the best that I have seen over my 20 years of coaching teenagers. He has brought out the best in our student athletes, both mentally and physically. His attention to detail and proper form have minimized injuries over the years. Mark takes the time to get to know our guys and develops professional relationships with them. They see him as a part of our team here at DLS.

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Derricke Brown

Testimonial - Jen R.

Oh the many reasons I love FMF!! I like working out at FMF because the coaches are so supportive of you reaching your fitness goals, no matter the level. When I walked into FMF for the first time, well, let’s say I was at the bottom of the fitness ladder. Every trainer took time to coach me in the direction I needed to be going to reach my goals. They pushed me when I thought there was no way I could go any further. I have crushed every goal I have set, thanks to their dedication and education for doing what they love (and some seriously hard work).

Jen R. - Mom

Testimonial - Coach Keane

I have been athletic all my life, with soccer being my main focus, both as a player and coach. When I was younger, I thought the only way to get fitter was if I ran and did soccer drills. As I got into my mid-30’s, I started having more and more injuries. I have been a member of FMF for a year and throughout this last season of playing, I’ve not sustained a single injury. My ‘aches and pains’ after playing are far less noticeable and I owe it all the amazing program at FMF. It’s a life changing environment.

David Keane - Competitive Soccer Coach

Testimonial Page - Robb M.

As a runner, it’s easy to measure my progress by simply comparing my previous event to my latest. A faster time denotes a PR (Personal Record) which indicates positive progress.

Since I’ve been with FMF (almost a year now), I’ve went from a 1:49:18 to 1:37:02 (Half Marathon) which is an 11% improvement, and a 4:16:56 to 3:30:07 (Full Marathon) which is an amazing 18% improvement. PRs with every event!

My ultimate goal is to qualify and run the Boston Marathon which for my age requires a 3:15:00 time. A year ago I wasn’t even certain that a Sub 4 was possible. But today, thanks to my coaches at FMF, I’ve set my sights on a Sub 3!!!

Robb M. - Marathon Runner

Youth Training (1)

I had been searching for a place for my son to learn proper running form and overall body awareness. I found it!! This youth agility /speed class is so great for kids for all sports. No weights are used just their own body weight so it’s safe. The instructors are awesome with the kids and keep it super fun but challenging. The music is upbeat too!! The prices are super affordable. My son loves it and is bummed if he can’t go because of homework:( love it!!!!

Kristen R. - Mom


I never did any kind of serious strength and conditioning routine in 5 years of being an MMA fighter. I’d always figured that a martial artist was better off spending their time working on technique, rather than building muscles for show. Every day I would do two jiu jitsu classes, a muay thai class and a run. Sometimes I’d throw in some wrestling and a random circuit but my focus was almost exclusively on training techniques. I got better, I got stronger and I lost weight. There were a lot of techniques I wasn’t able to do unless I was going with somebody who was really bad or was really, really weak. I heard about Crossfit but dismissed it as reports of bad techniques and injuries came with it. Besides, I didn’t want to look super masculine and lose my flexibility….Read More

Leslie Smith

personal training

Before coming to Functional Muscle Fitness I spent years at other gyms and was spending tons of money on personal training at these facilities, but never achieving the results I wanted. Within a few months at FMF, Mark and his team had helped me not only reach those goals, but set new ones. Following Mark’s guidelines in exercise and nutrition, my body fat is now the lowest it has ever been while my strength and explosiveness has skyrocketed. I never imagined it was a possibility that I could look, feel or lift the way I am now and it is solely due to the motivated, educated staff at this facility. I would recommend these workouts to anyone, regardless of your goal, they can help you achieve it.

Carol B. - 31 Years

Since starting training with Mark in mid December, both personal training and the boot camp and spin/core classes he offers, my body fat has dropped to my lowest yet and I am loving the results! I have also noticed overall increases in my energy level, balance, agility and endurance. As a new personal trainer, I am also learning technique and form from his LONG list of credentials and experience, which helps me better train my clients. Win-win!

Julie H.

As a mom, it’s difficult to find time to workout. But in an hour a few times a week, I have seen major changes while training at FMF. In the 4 months that I have been training with Mark, my body fat has dropped considerably and I have gotten stronger. With Mark’s knowledge of physical fitness, I have overcome lower back injuries that I previously encountered while training elsewhere. I’d recommend Mark to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable trainer who can make getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey.

Melissa B. - 42 Years

I spent the last year working with 2 other personal trainers and never had results. In my last 6 weeks at FMF I have lost 30+ pounds and 17 inches. Working with Mark the weight just came off and I feel stronger every day. My experience at FMF has helped me work on my fitness both in the gym and at home with work out videos tailored to strength training and weight loss.

Laima H.

I am a 43 year old professional who travels extensively for work. I started training with Mark Wine a year ago to get in better shape and because I was bored with the same old weightlifting routines and Cross Fit. Mark’s approach to total body functional muscle fitness has reinvigorated my training and led to my making significant gains in lean muscle mass and overall strength. Mark’s workouts are challenging and constantly changing to keep my fitness level improving whether it’s my cardio or strength. The end result of Mark’s training is that I am healthier, able to snowboard/wakeboard and play sports with my kids and I am in better shape than when I was in my twenties!

Ted Boyle - 43 Years


I have worked out consistently for over ten years and have NEVER seen results anywhere near what I have accomplished with Functional Muscle Fitness. The workouts and exercises are the most unique and physically challenging I have ever experienced. With Mark’s help and guidance, my body has surpassed any limits it had before. I am stronger, faster, and more explosive than ever. I completely believe in FMF, and recommend it to any athlete that wants to improve their performance and overall fitness level.

Joey Everson - SFPD Officer, 4 years, Specialist Team member


In August of 2010 I made the observation that our athletes were in very good condition, but were a bit lacking in power, explosiveness and general athleticism. I was very impressed with mark and the FMF program when we were introduced. Our relationship with Mark has been a very positive addition to our training plan. The overall fitness level and strength has improved drastically over the year. Mark understands the dynamics of swimming movements and is in tune to the needs of each individual in the group. His program has helped us achieve our goal of increasing the overall fitness level of our athletes and remain competitive on the local & national swimming scene.

Paul Stafford- Head Coach The Terrapins Swim Team 2010-2011 USA Swimming National Team Coaching Staff


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