The Athlete

The Athlete


The Workouts athletic performance has never been easier. Strength & power, plyometrics and speed & agility training is the key behind this program. We guarantee that if you are a serious athlete looking to increase your vertical, speed, quickness, strength and athletic performance that this program will make it happen. Workout I places focus on lower body strength & power. Workout II places focus on upper body strength & power. Workout III places focus on Functional movements that utilize a circuit training format with plyometrics involved throughout.

Monthly Workout Guide this guide plans out your month for you. All the guessing is eliminated  and your very own STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH / ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE TRAINING  program has now officially started. With “THE ATHLETES” workout guide you will be able to address your athlete desires from a professional view point. This program is broken down between traditional and non-traditional movements that will surely take you above and beyond your natural talents.


Meal Plan this meal plan is specifically formulated for athletes in training and the workouts you will be doing with this program. Treat this meal plan as more of a guide and less of a diet. Feel free to supplement some foods out with similar (i.e. nutritionally similar) foods that you may like more. The key here is learning how to eat. Lastly, some of the meals will need to be switched around if you workout at different times than what the guide calls for.



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