The Business Professional

The Business Professional


The Workouts for the business person who is always on the run. These workouts are geared / designed for any hotel gym and/or small gym. In the business world time is money and all of the workouts, including the workout guide, are meant to fit around a time crunch. The workouts are 30-45 minutes in duration and can be adjusted to make them longer or shorter.

Monthly Workout Guide this guide plans out your month for you. All the guessing is eliminated and your online personal training has now started. “The Business Professional” workout guide blends three days of lower body, upper body and total body workouts with cardio and other activities. No more excuses about work being too much, too long, and too stressful. Come on… you can give FMF 30-45 minutes of your day to help kick your A*^ back into gear!


Meal Plan this meal plan is specifically formulated to help you burn fat and order around menus as you eat out. Let’s be honest, if you work a lot then you eat out. The plans consist of some more mainstream items that teach you how to eat even while traveling. The plan is even formulated to coincide with the exact workouts that you will be doing with this program. Treat this meal plan as more of a guide and less of a diet. Feel free to supplement some foods out with similar (i.e. nutritionally similar) foods that you may like more. The key here is learning how to eat. Lastly, some of the meals will need to be switched around if you workout at different times than what the guide calls for.


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