The Workout Nut

The Workout Nut


The Workouts these workouts are not for the faint of heart. Strength & power lifting, functional movements, and high intensity functional training that will push you to new limits! The workouts that we provide our two days of strength & power training with one day geared for functional high intensity cross energy training.

Monthly Workout Guide this guide plans out your month for you. All the guessing is eliminated and your online personal training has now started. With “the Workout Nut’s” workout guide the schedule blends in hard core cross-energy days with a perfect balance of strength and power days. Even better the guide tells you what to do on your off days.


Meal Plan this meal plan is specifically formulated for the workouts you will be doing with this program. Treat this meal plan as more of a guide and less of a diet. Feel free to supplement some foods out with similar (i.e. nutritionally similar) foods that you may like more. The key here is learning how to eat. Lastly, some of the meals will need to be switched around if you workout at different times than what the guide has. That’s ok, just go with it.


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