Transformation Challenge


To Sign-Up for the Transformation Challenge please contact

Details of Transformation Challenge 2017 … as part of your membership you are eligible to contact with questions on pairing macros, food choices, etc…


Each Nutrition plan can be customized and/or adjusted as needed based on individual needs; must email the concerns or requested adjustments.


Any program is acceptable but Functional Glutes is emphasized for all female participants


To be eligible you MUST enroll in a nutrition membership

$25 add on per month

What you get:

  • Meal Guide every week
  • One recipe per week
  • Unlimited questions and contact through


Each month measurements will be done & progress pictures (if needed depending on goal)


All goals will be measurable and coaches will stay in touch to address these


Functional Glutes is a program that can only be used for individuals who enroll in nutrition


Social Media: #FMFTransform and #functionalmuscle

Option One: Every time you come in take a picture or video of you doing an exercise and hash tag

Option Two: check in on Facebook and say what day you are on and hash tag it


We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do the Body Fat Test (Body Spec) every 3 months when they are here. First date is January 14th, 2017

  • Body Spec discounts if you buy more than one session
  • 4 scans is $170
  • 2 scan is $85
  • 1 scan is $45
  • You can split packages


Prizes… for measurable results

  • 3 month goal achieved receive 1 month free of nutrition

Prizes… for subjective results

  • High visibility and check in on Social Media will receive various prizes.
  • Progress Pictures: prizes will be given for noticeable progress pictures.


Grand Prize Winner

  • Voted on by an independent panel of 10 FMF Members
  • 3 months free membership
  • It will be based on the following
  • Difficulty of accomplishing the task
  • Difficulty of Goal
  • Transformation Pictures
  • Social Media Activity
  • Body Fat % change

Cost For Non-Members:

Non Members $99 per month

– get access to the program online

**Must sign up for 3 month minimum.


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